About us

EVERDECK – products that work for you!VERSA750 – versatility, quality, innovation, value – a must have product
EVERDECK is providing high quality, most innovative staging products on the market today. VERSA750 combines strenght, durability, stability, lightweight and total flexibility:

  • 750kg/m² capacity
  • 2 times lower deflection (bending)
  • Only 32kg selfweight for 2x1m deck

You don’t have to choose anymore between light and solid products – VERSA750 gives you all in one as it is very lightweight and extremely stable at the same time.

Safe and user friendly

Specially designed user- friendly profile makes your work maximally safe and easy. VERSA750 is in compliance with the newest EUROCODE 1,5 and 9 norms (DIN 15921) with fully up to date static anlyzes.

Fast assembly and low storage cost – save your money!

We have specially designed the complete stage deck series with as less accessories as possible, to let you work fast and easy. Therefore most of the connections and clamps are already installed into the main product as handrails, stairs etc.
Low stacking height allows you to cut your storage and transportations costs.

Universal aluminium leg corner

No matter which leg you have, round or square from 48-60mm – we give 100% guarantee that your leg fits perfectly to our deck!

Versatility , endless possibilities for indoor and outdoor usage

Our stage decks series VERSA750 enables you to build anything starting from small school podiums, choral risers, catwalks and ending up with big concert stages. As the deck is completely noiseless it can be used also in teathres.

Fully compatible with leading brands on the market

Everdeck gives you full flexibility when you need to work also with other stage decks. VERSA750 is compatible to all commonly used brands on the market.